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10 Great Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Below are some very good reasons why Malaysia is the top choice  of many international students:

1. Modern Amenities

Live Comfortably as a student here in Malaysia. We have very good transportation system with world-class highways that connect all the States in Peninsula Malaysia. Travelling within the city is very convenient with light rail system, buses and taxis.

2. Weather
Malaysia is blessed with warm moderate weather all year round. No 

3. Reputable Universities
Malaysia is a top choice of many international students who wants to obtain good reputable degrees atm very low fees.

4. No language Barrier
The majority of the people in Malaysia understand and converse well in English.

5. Places of interest
There are lots of interesting places to visit: ranging from nature (beach, mountains, jungles, rivers and caves), historical places, cultural destinations and shopping.

6. Food heaven
Malaysia being multi-cultural has a large variety of food, cooked in a lot of different styles that have been influenced by the various cultures that exist in the country including popular food from neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Also there are many western food available in Malaysia too.

7. Living expenses are very low
International students can live comfortably with just RM1100 a month inclusive of food, accomodation and other daily expenses.

8. Low crime rate
Malaysia is relatively stable politically. With its low crime rate, Malaysia is a safe place to study.

9. Friendly people
Malaysians are very friendly making your stay here a memorable and enjoyable one.

10. Diverse Culture
As an international student, you can experience student life in multi-cultural Malaysia.