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Business and Finance Degree

There are many universities in Malaysia offering Bachelor of Business from UK, Australia and US universities. In general the Bachelor of Business from UK and Australian Universities takes three years to complete. In US most degree course takes four years.

Student can enroll in a General Business Management course or can choose a course that offers specializations such as:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Politics and Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Psychology
Types of Programs Available

3 + 0 Program where students complete the entire degree course in Malaysia
2 + 1 Program where students do 2 years in Malaysia and the final year in UK or Australia
1 + 2 Program where students just spend 1 year in Malaysia and the remaining 2 years in UK or Australia
American Transfer Degree Program 2 + 2 : 2 years in Malaysia and the remaining 2 years in US.

Admission Criteria
Student can enroll into the Business Degree using:

  • A-levels or Equivalent (Generally with 2 Passes is sufficient)
  • Foundation
  • Diploma (may be able to get Year 1 exemption)
Cost of a Business Degree in Malaysia

Tuition Fees
For UK 3+0 Prgram – Yearly fees are around RM15,000 – RM25,000 per year.
Australian 3+0 Degree is more expensive. Yearly fees are in the range of RM20,000 – RM30,000 per year.
In UK and Australia most universities yearly fees are around 10,000 pounds or AU$20,000.

Accommodation and Living Expenses
Staying in Malaysia is relatively very cheap. Room, food and other miscellaneous cost is around RM1,500 per month. In UK and Australia, living expenses are around £700 – £1,000 and AU$1,500 a month respectively.

Registration & EMGS Cost
Most universities charge around RM3000 – RM5000 for Registration and EMGS cost. EMGS cost refers to Visa and Medical Checkup (to be done in Malaysia).

Pre-university or Diploma

If your highest academic achievement is O-levels or equivalent, then you need to complete 1 year of Pre-university studies or do a diploma first. Pathways are as follow:

  • O-levels or Equivalent – Foundation (1 year) – Bachelor of Business (3 years), OR
  • O-levels or Equivalent – A-Levels (1.5 years) – Bachelor of Business (3 years), OR
  • O-levels or Equivalent – Diploma (2.5 years) – Bachelor of Business (Year 1 exempted) (2 years)