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Course Fees – Country Comparison

A major plus point for chosing Malaysia as a study destination is the affordable tuition fees. Below, are some charts and tables that gives an rough indication of the cost of studying in Malaysia.

Pre-University Studies – Cost Comparison Between Countries

Malaysia is the top choice of many international students doing their Pre-university or foundation cost as Malaysia has very good pool of qualified UK and US trained lecturers and professors. The cost is also significantly lower as indicated by the chart below:

Cost of pre-university or foundation program

Cost of English Proficiency Programs

For students from non English speaking countries, Malaysia is a good place to improve the command of English. The general population in Malaysia can speak English and the tuition fees for English Language Classes and relatively cheap.


Bachelor Degree Cost Comparison Chart [Between Countries]

To get a UK or US degree in Malaysia the total cost is around USD9000 a year. The Table below shows the breakdown of this figure into two categories : tuition fees and living expenses.

3+0 degree tuition fees and living expenses

As you can see from the following table, students save 40% – 50% and even as high as 70% if they study in Malaysia as compared to study in Australia, United States or United Kingdom.

Degree Program cost comparison between countries

Below is another Table showing the cost difference between studying for a degree in Malaysia as compared to other countries across different field of studies.

Different degree programs and cost comparisons between countries