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Architecture Courses

Architects design buildings, houses, schools, church, etc. In fact almost every modern building today has been designed by an architect. Apart from making sure the building look nice, architects have are responsible for other things such as:

  • Is the design functional i.e. meet the purpose it was designed for
  • Is the design safe and the structurally sound
  • Will the construction and maintenance of the building economical

Architecture Degree Coursework

A typical architecture degree course usually includes subjects such as:

  • Architectural Design & Theory
  • Computer Design
  • Building Construction and Materials
  • Working Drawing
  • Environmental design
  • Housing Design
  • Advance Construction
  • Environment Behaviour Study

Career Opportunities as an Architect

Demand for architects is increasing as new buildings are build every day. And as countries develop and  standard of living improves, new and modern houses will replace older ones. As these happens, there will be many job opportunities for architects.

Architecture course graduates can be found working as architects, interior Designers, city developers, urban planners, historic preservation consultants and landscape designers.

What qualities make a great Architect?

If you have the qualities below, you would likely be a very good architect:

  • Creativity and great imagination
  • Visionary
  • Good in designing
  • Appreciate culture
  • Passion
  • Talented