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Hotel Management and Hospitality

The recent boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry throughout the world. Expert also predicts that this trend will continue in the future fueling demand for qualifies personnel in this billion dollar industry. Some of the jobs openings include administrative jobs such as front office assistants, hotel supervisors and managers, culinary services, hotel maintenance and marketing.

Hospitality business is a service-oriented sector. Hence, quality personnel are regarded as an important asset to hotel and other companies in the hospitality business. To fill vacancies, hotels and other businesses look for graduates with relevant academic qualification from a good university.

Hotel Management and Catering Diploma and Degree Courses

The objective of any hotel management course is to provide training, skills development and education needed to prepare individuals for effective job performance in the hotel, catering, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. Hence, their program is designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge of the structure and operation of a hotel including food service management, hotel administration, housekeeping operations and maintenance of physical facilities. Usually, most programs also incorporate management courses in finance and hospitality marketing to prepare students for managerial role later.

Common subjects a hotel management student may come across include:

  • Introduction to Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality English
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Food and Beverage Hygiene
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Human Resources Management in Hotel and Catering

To ensure that graduates are competent to work for their employers, most hotel management program provides students practical training before you start your career.


The students opting for hotel management career courses must have an affinity towards socializing and understanding the needs of the people.

Career opportunities

Many graduates work for travel and tourism related companies such as:

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • retailing
  • transportation
  • travel agencies
  • tour companies
  • tourist attractions
  • leisure, recreation and sport