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A degree in marketing prepares you for careers in the marketing world, whether you’re looking to break in or to build up an existing career. A marketing degree is particularly useful for those consider careers at advertising agencies, public relations (PR) firms, and marketing companies, though the skills gained from a marketing degree can be utilized in many specialties and across a number of professional fields.

Is a career in Marketing right for me?
You like being part of a team and working with others
You can lead and motivate others
You are sociable and enjoy networking
You thrive in an environment that constantly changes
You are creative and can generate original ideas to solve problems
You have excellent oral and written communication skills

How a bachelor degree in marketing helps you?
A good degree in Marketing can gain you entry into advertising, marketing, public relations, and retail and sales jobs. Marketing graduates are responsible for direct marketing, promotions, product marketing, business development and brand management. In marketing the sky is the limit when it comes to climbing the career ladder. Some examples of the top management titles that a Marketing graduate holds are account manager, Marketing Reseach, Marketing Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Brand Management, etc. Also, many CEOs are from marketing.

Why study Marketing?
A good degree in Marketing can put you in the fast track to climbing the career ladder. With increased experience and education and lots of hard work, you may qualify to move more quickly into managerial position. Demand for marketing graduates comes from virtually every industry as marketing can be applied to almost every occupational field. Besides getting demand from advertising agencies, PR firms, corporate marketing, marketing research, brand management sales and retailing departments, and customer relationship management, there is also demand from government sectors and non-profit organizations.

What you will study
Course work for a marketing bachelor’s degree covers current trends and practices in marketing products and services, applied marketing research, sales and sales management issues, and marketing communication. Students are also usually required to take a number of core business classes, in such subjects as economics, finance and general management. Additionally, most programs allow room for electives and require an array of general education courses, such as literature, math and psychology.
While the exact curriculum will vary from school to school, here are some of the courses you might take as a marketing major:

  • Advertising Management
  • Communication
  • International Marketing
  • New Product Planning
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Retail Management
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International marketing

Most marketing degree programs also incorporate accounting and statistical courses, some business subjects and human behavioral studies to create more well-rounded students.