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Part Time Job For International Students

Are you an international student looking for a part time job? If you are we can help you earn some extra income.


Student Referral Program

If you have  family members or friends who want to come to Malaysia for studies, we can help them find a suitable course that meets their requirement and budget. For every student that you recommend that successfully enrolls in a university in Malaysia we can share the commission. You get RM1,000 for each student.

** This program is only for international students who are currently studying in Malaysia.

Company Support

You do not need to know about the courses offered at the universities. We will handle everything for you. Your job is just to promote our free consultation services to your friends and to students in your home country.

No experience needed. Work entirely at home. Flexible hours. Anytime and Anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my friends need to pay any consultation fees
No. All our services are 100% free.

What if my friends are not interested to join the recommended college?
There is no compulsion to follow our recommendations. We recommend college or university based on reputation, student’s budget and the academic results. Your friends may have other reasons such as personal reasons for joining a particular college or university.

Note: We usually ask your friends which college or university they intend to join. We have more than 20 partner colleges and universities. If your friends apply for any of these college and university through us, you are still entitled to your commission.

Is there any payment or fees to join the referral programme?
No. Joining the referral program is free. Apart from helping your friends find the most suitable college or university, we also want to help you earn some money while you are still studying. The referral programme benefits everyone – you, your friends, us and also colleges and universities.

Do I have to come to office?
No. The entire referral program can be done part time, anywhere and anytime. If you have friends who wants to study in Malaysia just refer to us. You can also actively promote study in Malaysia on your own over the internet and Facebook.

Is there any cost to join the referral program? Registration fees or other cost?
No. Joining the program is free.

I am interested. How do I apply?
Simply fill in the form below and we will email you the full details.

Referral Program Application Form

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