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There are a few hundred accredited colleges and universities offering a wide variety of diplomas and degree programs. With so many choices, choosing a university or college can be overwhelming and confusing for students as well as parents. This problem is compounded by the fact that you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Internet search is helpful but limited to information found on the web or limited to sites that you visit.

We recommend that in addition to your own internet search, seek out professionals who are well connected with universities and colleges such as ourselves. Why?

  • We are well connected to many highly reputable universities and colleges.
  • We can offer you objective advice compare to colleges.
  • We are in Malaysia and we can do the running around for you.

Below are some of the ways we can help international students like yourself:

University Search

We assist international students in their search for a suitable college or university. Just let us know your highest academic qualifications, courses you are interested in and your budget, we can refer some reputable universities and colleges for you. With our extensive network of universities and colleges, we can give impartial advice and recommend good programs for students.

Admission & Application Process

We also assist students during throughout the application and admission process. With proper follow up with the university we can ensure a smooth and speedy application.

Visa Application

The educational institutions which enroll the students are responsible to make the necessary arrangement pertaining to immigration matters. We can answer any queries you may have on visa application and work together with the university concern on your visa application.

Student Accommodation and Travel Arrangement

Looking for student accommodation? Find student flatmates, housemates or room-mates? We can help you arrange for accommodation whether it is on-campus and off-campus. Upon your arrival in Malaysia, the university or college representative will be there to meet you. If you need additional travel arrangement let us know in advance.

Network with Other International Students

Interested to get to know other students from your home country? We have a database of international students we have assisted and we can help you contact them.

On-going Support

Our support extend beyond university search, application and admission. We would like to help you make your entire stay in Malaysia truly enriching and memorable. Contact us for help anytime during your stay and we will be more than happy to assist you.