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Certificate in Hospitality program with internship


The main objective of the Certificate in Hospitality Programme is to provide students with employable skills via Skills Training and skills certification. Skills Training will be managed by Internship Placement Company on behalf of the College. Students are not allowed to seek their own Internship Provider. Internship Placement Company will place all students.

The College will conduct assessment of students regularly. Site visits and meetings with students will be organized to follow up, monitor and track students’ progress. The Participating Internship Company must provide time for students to attend these sessions, so as to update their skills and training portfolios

Opportunity for Permanent Job

Students are given an opportunity to take up employment in Malaysia and possibly Singapore upon completion of their training (subject to their performance and assessment during the Skills Training, availability and permit approval)

If the Participating Internship Company is happy with the student’s performance after Skills Training, the potential employer can make arrangement with Internship Placement Company to apply for a work permit (subject to approval). The student can then be offered full time employment with the Participating Internship Company

Medical Insurance

Students will be covered by Medical Insurance for International Students. Insurance cover is limited to outpatient treatment and claims with an overall annual limit per student. Students must be informed that all policies will have constraints in terms of any pre-existing conditions before arrival, effective date of policy, etc. Students are advised to read the full provisions of the policy

Hospitality Certificate Form

If you are interested in the Hospitality Certificate Program, kindly fill in the form below:
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